Assistance in coordinating Medicaid, Caregiver Agencies, Community Resources, placement in Assisted Living or Skilled Nursing Facility for short or long term. Access to resources in community to ensure needs are being met.

Having Rebecca on site to keep gives me piece of mind

– JS, Texas

Under court supervision, manage an invidual’s health care needs, manage their finances and other property. Protect them from┬ápredators and ensure they are properly placed and their needs are being met. Ongoing advocacy and coordination of care.

Rebecca has been an excellent resource for individuals in need of a guardian

– CS, Orlando, FL

Provide fiduciary services per legal documents in conjunction with Guardianship or individuals in need of Trustee or financial management financial assistance.

Rebecca has managed my Trust with great effort. I feel I am in the best hands with her managing my Trust

– ER, Orlando, FL

Medicaid applications for ALF and Nursing home placement and community based resources.

I was overwhelmed by the process but Rebecca took the necessary steps to obtain the benefits my husband needed to pay for his nursing home stay

– ER, Orlando, FL

This is completed at the families request to identify unmet needs, to help assist in determining what assistance is needed and what is available in community.

Once Rebecca completed her assessment, getting services and ensuring my father was safe in his home was easy!

– KB, Chicago